Wear, Cook and Sleep in America With Made in America Products

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Wear, Cook and Sleep in America With Made in America Products


While the vast majority of the clothes we wear, sheets we sleep on and towels we use still come from overseas, the burgeoning Made in America movement continues to gain momentum.
A number of companies have emerged that are sourcing American raw materials, manufacturing their products domestically and employing Americans, giving consumers a great way to support U.S. workers.

Among the companies are Round House, Texas Jeans, Made In Cookware and American Cotton.

All follow a domestic sourcing and manufacturing model, often selling direct to consumers, bypassing traditional retailers. Round House is one such company, having been in business for more than 110 years, selling jeans, overalls and workwear. Based in Oklahoma and named for the rail yard building by the same name, the company sells to a variety of stores around the country. Texas Jeans has been in business since 1979, using all American components to make its signature product. No longer produced in Texas, North Carolina now makes Texas Jeans.

Outside of the apparel business, Made In Cookware is a Texas-based company that was founded in 2016 with the goal of producing cookware and kitchen products domestically. “The source matters to you, so it matters to us,” the company’s direct-to-consumer website says. 

Another new start-up is American Cotton, which is producing luxury bed linens and other home textiles products using American grown cotton that is fully woven, dyed, finished and sewn in the United States. American Cotton goes even further, donating one set of bed sheets to veterans for every five sets sold in a partnership with the Purple Heart Foundation.

Through these companies and others, the Made in America movement is continuing to give shoppers more choices when it comes to buying domestically made products and supporting American workers.

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