100% American-Made

American-grown. American-sewn.

It wasn’t easy to make it happen, but we’re proud to say that our bedding and towels are 100% made in America. Yes, 100%, down to the last stitch. From field to finished product, absolutely nothing is outsourced or overlooked. This not only keeps jobs at home—it makes it easier for us to provide you with well-made, luxury quality goods.

How an American CottonTM sheet is born.


Our cotton is grown in small batches in the American Southwest. We use only long-staple cotton fibers—the strongest and finest type—to make our Cool Flow Cotton.

Woven strong.

The cotton is spun into smooth single-ply yarn and then woven into fabric using our proprietary method. It’s a bit of a secret, but we can tell you this much: The nature of our weave allows air to flow more freely through the fabric while maintaining the integrity of the fiber. This creates an exceptionally soft, breathable, and durable sheet.

Sewn up.

Once the fabric is woven and finished, it makes its way to our sewers. Our sewing operators are some of the best in the business; some can even trace their family’s history in the industry back for generations. We’re happy to help them keep this tradition alive.

Straight to your doorstep.

After ironing and steaming your new sheets, we send them to your home. Because it would be a shame to stuff something so fine into a regular old cardboard box, each set arrives packed in a beautiful gift box with a reusable cotton bag. This also means we can cut down on plastic packaging—always a good thing.

Lights out.

The last step? You get a better night’s sleep on a dreamy set of luxury sheets…and a perfect excuse to stay in bed.