Perfect Fit

Your bed will practically make itself. 

If you’ve ever paused halfway between the wall and your mattress trying to yank one corner of a fitted sheet down while praying that the other won’t pop off and muttered to yourself that there must be a better way—you were right. It’s called our Perfect Fit sheet. With extra deep corners and a special all-the-way-around elastic, our patented fitted sheets snap right on and stay put. Skip the battle of the fitted sheet and get right to the good part: tucking yourself into a crisp, fresh, airy pair of sheets.

  • Extra wide elastic around the base means your sheet stays put
  • Deep pockets in the corners make it easier to put on and take off
  • Patented construction creates a perfectly smooth surface
  • Fits up to an 18" mattress
Demonstration of the Perfect Fit corner

Perfect Fit corners are deep and snug-fitting.

No fit is as snug as a Perfect Fit.

No fit is as comfortable as a Perfect Fit.