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Sleep better with Cool Flow Cotton.

Our proprietary fabric is engineered to give you a better night’s sleep. Our 100% American-made Cool Flow Cotton™ is what makes our sheets so soft, crisp and cool. The secret? We’ve developed a weave that allows us to open up the fabric for superior breathability while maintaining the integrity of the long-staple cotton fibers. The result is a soft, breathable sheet that will keep you cool—and stand up to the washing machine.

What makes Cool Flow Cotton so…cool?

The Fiber. We only use long-staple cotton in our sheets (if you’re new to this whole staple thing, “staple” simply refers to the length of the cotton fiber). Long-staple is preferred for its strength and length. Short-staple cotton is of lower quality and results in weaker threads and coarser fabric.

The Thread. Long-staple cotton is spun into single-ply yarn—the best type of yarn for making sheets. That’s because single-ply yarn is softer and stronger than multi-ply yarn, which consists of several weaker fibers wrapped around one another. Some bedding manufacturers use multi-ply yarn to artificially increase thread count—which is misleading since the use of multi-ply yarn creates scratchier, weaker fabric.

The Weave. Our proprietary weave is what brings it all together. Developed right here at home in partnership with American weavers, our technique opens up the fabric for superior breathability while maintaining the integrity of the fiber. This is what makes our sheets especially soft, crisp and cool…and oh-so-nice to snooze in.

The Finish. You might be surprised how many nasty things can end up in a pair of sheets (formaldehyde, for one). Our fabric, on the other hand, is finished without any harmful dyes or chemicals. Better for you and the environment. 

Wondering about thread count?

The nature of our weave makes it impossible for us to quote a thread count—but as you might have guessed by now, thread count is only one, often misleading, factor to consider when it comes to choosing good sheets. In fact, a lower thread count sheet made of high-quality fibers is likely to be softer and more durable than a higher thread count sheet made of low-quality fibers.
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