Meet the Founders

Meet the Founders

We’re helping Americans get back to work—and get a good night’s sleep.

Stars and stripes and textiles.

Our founders, married couple Jane and Jeff Tauber, have a thing for textiles. For Jane, an Interior Designer, it might have to do with her family history—her mother sewed and her great-grandfather was in the embroidery business. For Jeff, it was a passion cultivated over years of working in the industry. Together, they had noticed something: that good-quality, American-made textiles had become almost impossible to find. In particular, the bedding market was full of products that were either made overseas or cheaply made or too expensive. So, Jane and Jeff did what any good, textile-loving American would do: They started their own business. 

Reviving an industry to start a business. 

Once the decision was made, it was time to hit the road. Soon, Jane and Jeff were crisscrossing state lines in search of the last American textile manufacturers. Things were worse than they had feared. In a country where cotton mills used to be the lifeblood of communities everywhere from Lowell to Fairfax, there was almost nothing left. No weavers, no sewers, no finishing plants. It’s the kind of thing that might send others home, but for Jane and Jeff, it only solidified their resolve to build a business selling 100% American-made luxury bedding.

100% American-made bedding and towels, direct to you.

Eventually—after dozens of factory visits, hundreds of product iterations, and countless debates over the science of a good night’s sleep—Jane and Jeff created the perfect bed sheet. It was cool, breathable, and 100% American-made. With something so good to offer, they wanted everyone to have it so they decided to sell directly to the consumer. By cutting out the middleman, they could offer a luxury quality product at an affordable price.

Today, American CottonTM is one of the only places you can find authentic, 100% American-made, luxury bedding. And when you buy from us, you can rest easy knowing that you’re not only supporting American jobs—you’re also supporting American veterans.    

Portrait of founders, Jeff and Jane Tauber.

Founders, Jeff and Jane Tauber.

A package from American Cotton

Every order feels like receiving a gift.